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Hemming Village



It Takes A Village

Hemming Village is Rexburg’s meeting spot for food, fun, and entertainment. Located directly between Porter Park and the BYU-Idaho stadium, we are at the heart of what makes a night in Rexburg special.

The ground floor of our pedestrian-friendly street is packed with businesses unique to the area, restaurants that are both fun and affordable, and student and community housing for people that want to be at the center of all the action.




Cedars at Hemming Village is the newest BYU-I approved housing complex featuring apartments that are laid out beautifully and are modern in design. Our urban amenities include an in-apartment laundry, covered parking, commercial spaces, and an incredible location. We are redefining urban living for students attending BYU-Idaho.

As part of the Hemming Housing family, the Cedars is a place for growth and acceptance. Our managers are chosen because they show a special love and appreciation for each student who comes to live with us. You never have to feel alone or unwelcome! As a BYU-I approved housing complex, we always rely on the Student Living manual to be our guide.

The Cedars and Hemming has developed into a unique area of Rexburg over the past few years. What originally began as family owned apartments has quickly grown into the urban center of Rexburg. This began from the vision of Lane and Val Hemming:

"My whole goal is I want to revitalize Rexburg's downtown area," Lane Hemming said, "For any community to have strength, there has to be a downtown anchor. I want this to be a destination."

Back in 2008, Richie Webb, our Corporation President, wanted to build a place that could embody the life of Rexburg.

"We feel like with the growth of Rexburg, and with the future of Rexburg, the timing is very right to bring this type of development to the area," Webb said. "I think what we're going to bring will really be seen as a sense of place, a sense of community where people can live, they can work, they can play, they can shop, and find those kinds of things that have been absent for a long time in Rexburg."

Today the Cedars housing network located in Hemming Village has it in our hearts to provide a sense of community. Every student we welcome is a neighbor and member of our community. We throw exciting events and build amenities that provide students a comfortable living space that cultivates an environment of happiness so students can focus on growth.